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Our worship

Welcoming and Inclusive

We are a welcoming and inclusive congregation. Jesus in the gospels responded to those who came to Him regardless of gender, sexuality, colour or class. We seek to follow Our Lord Jesus Christ in welcoming all those who seek to encounter God in our worship and through our tradition.


Our worship is respectful of tradition, and has evolved through time.  We are very aware of the fact that through our liturgy we worship God through words and in forms that would be recognised by many of the early Christians. Our worship is participative in nature: with the congregation taking an active role in parts of the liturgy, and individual members  leading us in prayer and reading the lessons.


Corpus Christi

At St Michael and All Saints, our lives of faith are fed by the liturgy and nourished by prayer. Our liturgy is sometimes described as “high Church”, because it is full of rich language, music, and ritual, accompanied by the senses and sounds of incense and church bells. We aim to make this both accessible to all those who come to our worship and a means for all to worship individually as well as collectively.
We offer opportunities to experience different sorts of liturgy at our various services throughout the week and year, and we are always happy to welcome those who have not experienced our form of worship before.

Worship and Community

We are inclusive in our worship in that all our senses are used to express the beauty of Holiness and we hope to leave our worship renewed in the hope that the Holy Spirit will guide us to recognise God’s image in all whom we meet and with whom we spend time.

After worship on Sunday mornings, and often during the week, there is coffee and time to meet people. Please introduce yourself to one of the clergy, who will gladly arrange a time to meet and explore more deeply the sacramental and prayer life of our congregation.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

St Michael and All Saints, 28 Brougham Street, Tollcross, Edinburgh, EH3 9JH