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Our Serving Team

Altar servers play an important part in the Church’s liturgy. Good servers enable us all – bishops, priests and laity – to celebrate the Mass and other sacraments and services with a spirit of prayer.

Our duty is to assist the clergy at the Holy Altar and we consider this a great privilege not because the ministry of serving is more important than any other, but because it is a sign of a gift of the Holy Spirit for the benefit of the Church. Serving is service.
Serving at the altar is a commitment; and much work, dedication and training goes into providing the high quality of serving for which St Michael and All Saints is justly renowned.

The Priory

The group of servers in our church is known as a Priory. The Rector is the Chaplain of the Priory.

The Prior is the lead server and has a responsibility both spiritual and official for the well-being of the Priory. The Prior also takes responsibility for the smooth efficiency of serving teams as they support the priest at the altar.  St Michael and All Saints is a large Priory of over 12 members and we also have the offices of Sub-Prior, Novice Master, Secretary, Treasurer and Social Convener.

While the Guild of Servers is essentially a society for those who are engaged in the service of the Sanctuary Bishops, Priests and Deacons are admitted as Associates. We have a number of Associates in our Priory.

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